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Torshavn - Local Info

Rent Car / Bycycle


If you want to rent a car to a good price please contact UNICAR. 

Contact the apartment owner for a 10% discount code.


Feel free to ask for an offer.

UNO - Smyrilsvegur 10 - Tórshavn - Telefon +298 595959 - Email: 

Torshavn - Leisure Activities.

Swimming Pool - 

The largest swimming pool facility is located in Gundadalur. There are pools for all age groups, as well as a sauna, tanning room, and a bubble bath. 

Swimming Hall in Gundadalur
Hoydalsvegur 21, FO-100 Tórshavn

National Football Stadium "Tórsvøllur".   

Tórsvøllur is a football stadium on the sport site Gundadalur in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. The stadium holds 6,040 people and was built in 1999 to become the country's national stadium and provide a grass surface in the capital Tórshavn on which international football matches could be played. 

The stadium is app 3000 mtrs away from our apartment.

Torshavn - Libraries


Within the Tórshavn Municipality there are several libraries: the Tórshavn Public Library, the Kollafjørdur public and School Library, and some 10 school libraries in Tórshavn. The Tórshavn Public Library is open to all, children and adults. The library has a wide selection of regular as well as audio books available for loan. DVD films and magazines may be loaned as well. Also available are computers, scanners and printers. All of these services are free to use, although it costs 1 DKK per page to use the printer.

The National Library of the Faroes is located in Tórshavn Municipality as well. The National Library collects, registers and preserves examples of Faroese literature, as well as books and articles discussing the Faroes. One of its major goals is to disseminate information about Faroese literature.

Tórshavn Public Library (Býarbókasavnið)
Niels Finsens gøta 7, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 30 20 30. Fax: +298 30 20 31

National Library (Føroya landsbókasavn)
J. C. Svabos gøtu 16, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 31 16 26 

Torshavn - Cultural Centers

The Nordic House -

The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands is a forum for Faroese and Nordic art, with a program encompassing primarily concerts, theatre and dance performances and art exhibitions The Faroe

The Faroe Islands Art Museum (Listasavn Føroya) - 

The Faroe Islands Art Museum is situated in the park to the west of the sports stadium, 5 minutes walk from the Nordic House.

Natural History Museum (Náttúrugripasavnið) 

The Natural History Museum is located near the university in the western section of Tórshavn. The purpose of the museum is to collect, preserve and exhibit examples of the natural environment from the archipelago and its ocean environs. In the summer, it is open every day of the week.

V. U. Hammershaimbs gøta 13, FO-100 Tórshavn
Telephone: +298 35 23 00

The Faroe Islands Historical Museum (Fornminnissavn) -

The Historical Museum features exhibitions exploring the many aspects of Faroese history and culture. The lives of our forefathers at sea and at home are presented through a combination of artefacts, photographs and illuminating text. The Old Hoyvík Farm is an outdoor museum along the sea below the Museum and features the old homestead and its outbuildings and the hay fields nearby.

Brekkutún 6, FO-188 Hoyvík
Telephone: +298 31 80 76

The above museum is app. 1000 mtrs away from our apartment. 

Faroese Aquarium (Føroya Sjósavn) - 

The Aquarium is located near Argir and features most all of the various marine species found around the Faroes. It is quite a fascinating and exciting place to visit, especially for children. Special visits for school groups, including preschools, can be arranged outside normal visiting hours. Call during regular business hours, 8.00 to 16.00 to arrange a visit.

Rættargøta 1, FO-165 Argir

Resturants in Torshavn

Please check this link if you want to see which resturants are in Torshavn.{F7691F49-B7DD-424D-8AC8-8414A1FFDBC7} 

The two most exclusive resturants are

1) Koks - Oyggjarvegur 45 - Tel. +298 317500 -Every day 12.00-17.00 and 18.00-22.00 

2) Áarstova - Gongin 1 - Tel +298 333000 - Mon-Sun. 17.30-24.00

Sightseeing - Vestmannabjørgini

Looking for a unique experience at the Faroese Bird Cliffs, also known as Vestmannabjørgini? You’ve come to the right site. When you take our cruise, you will see the Faroe Islands from within the different caves we will sail into. You will also experience the ocean, the birds, and the cliffs. 

Please check below link 

This attraction is app. 40 min drive from the apartment. You have to go to the village Vestmanna.

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